nvidia or ati onboard graphics on new motherboard

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Re: nvidia or ati onboard graphics on new motherboard

#21 Postby lucky9 » Wed Feb 15, 2012 6:23 pm

I wonder why USB 3 isn't included for the AMD boards (in the search function) and is included for the INTEL ones? That I'd write to them about.

I wouldn't be afraid of UEFI from a motherboard manufacturer. From Dell? Maybe. Not from ASUS.
I defer to anyone that's knowledgable about the LAN chip. I've never needed 'sleep mode'.
As for the 2011 and the 1155 boards. The 2011 is the latest iteration of the INTEL processors. It has extra PCIe lines available.

Since AMD has the USB 3 feature that you want I'd say it's more a matter of comparing specs and deciding on features needed. One has a PCIe x4 slot that might be handy if a RAID setup was wanted in the future. I'd tend to like one that has the extra PCIe x1 slot myself. But any one of the boards you found will be a good choice. If necessary, using price for the decision isn't a bad idea with those three motherboards.

As for the reviews, most were people not reading the specs for the motherboard and buying/using incompatible RAM. Some motherboards are finicky about that sort of thing I've read. I don't think motherboards should be that way. RAM that is in spec should be able to be plugged in and just run. If they were over-clocking then it is excusable for incompatibilities to occur. Of course they don't say that was what they were doing. But it is best to check the manufacturer's website for what memory is best. I've never had to do that. What I've bought has always worked fine.
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