VDrift racing

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VDrift racing

#1 Postby kesuda » Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:12 pm

doesn't seem as though it's been discussed before, but is a nice racing game that installs into MEPIS and runs well.

Lots of tracks, lots of cars, and lots of options.

I've only installed it on one machine (AMD64/nVidia8600GT)
into both 8.0_64 & 8.96_64 and VDrift runs as well as TORCS.

Of course it runs better in 8.0 then 8.5. Not sure if it's because of the nVidia drivers, or the KDE version (3 versus 4), but in 8.0 I can turn on shaders and shadows and still get a decent frame rate.

For the install I used the instructions for ubuntu, and found that a lot more packages were required than the instructions suggested.

Was wondering if this might be the kind of thing for the Community Repo?

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