Apt-fast (and an optional backend upgrade)

Those who have created deb or tar packages to share with other MEPIS users can create a thread in this forum to do that. Also those that request someone to create a package for them, can be posted here.
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Apt-fast (and an optional backend upgrade)

#1 Postby Stevo » Sat Nov 13, 2010 1:24 am

Apt-fast is a script that is a drop-in replacement for apt-get. It uses the axel multiconnection download manager to try and increase speeds...but in my limited testing, the MLCR and Mepis repos only allow single connections. It does seem to help Debian repo downloads.

Just use "apt-fast" instead of apt-get in your terminal commands for testing:

apt-fast update
apt-fast install foo


If this helps anybody, we'll get it into the CR.
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