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Slow Internet

#1 Postby richb » Wed May 09, 2012 8:56 am

I am having problems with slow internet and Mepis 11 upgraded to KDE 4.7.4. This is both with FF and Google Chrome. Another manifestation is Youtube videos stopping frequently. With ipv6 enabled or disabled makes no difference.
I am on a wifi connection using Network manager and ath9k driver.

On the same laptop using Kubuntu 12.04 this does not occur. I add that only for diagnostic purposes not touting another distro. It may be due to the KDE upgrade. One thing I need to try is a connection with the LiveDVD.

EDIT: All is fine with the LiveDVD, so must be some changes I made. Either the KDE upgrade, or some other upgrade. Not to cause confusion, I do not believe it is KDE 4.7.4 in itself, as that ran fine in Kubuntu, but some interaction the upgrade introduced.
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